Ahoj dědo!  2014now

Hello Grandpa! 
Visual reaction to the Grandpa´s pragmatic questions about the world.

mixed media installation, various dimensions, color photograms, photo object, live broadcast and theoretical part

Hello Grandpa,

let me first say a few words about me and my intention. I'd like to dedicate these few pages to you trying to answer your frequently asked questions and thoughts - even though they were possibly just a
 philosophical and rhetorical - about the world, about the clouds, about the universe, about the modern technologies and also about why your Mother´s bread was the best. Because I didn't become an
astronomer, a physicist or a scientist, I have no embracing answer to you. On the contrary, a certain elimination of scientific disciplines could be a promising start to our mind trip that will not be 
so much about real science, but rather about its image. Hopefully, I am not mistaken in saying that the following opinions and ideas might be sympathetic and close to you, or not? 


About universe

Maybe it would be better to let this thought sound and leave the world of abstract concepts of space as a written text and rather please the eye with an image based on our vision, fulfilled child’s dream as colored stones from curb lining our garden, rabbit bobbles and pies with Cottage cheese that seemingly mirror far countries, difficult to define or measure area, because of different units which we are not used to. We would be completely different when the light years pass. If reaching the end of eternity would be possible now, we would probably find ourselves at the beginning of this page again.

About the modern technologies

I see you with opened newspapers at the table in the kitchen. You thoughtfully shake your head sometimes, other times you can sleep lightly. As if the newspaper set the rhythm of your everyday life. The regularity of their issues gives them a certain point of seriousness. When we look more closely we realize that the amount of information in each one issue is set by the number of pages without a respect to the importance of news linked to a specific day. It looks like that it is mysteriously needed to fill the shape to the last point. Perhaps because of that, that the effort, to bring forth living emotion, could be ironically seen as fulfilled. 

23. 5. 2014

No matter if your thinking about the size of the world was more or less caused by your age, the age within the meaning of the role of grandfather and wise man, thanks to that you brought the interesting thoughts into my mind. The ideas casually turn out and far away from today´s world, where we often become a true part of it at the end of our lives. Distant but so today's, typical and often said, just not inspect directly. Ideas that force us to think about everything as the complex, that give us a chance to see the true essence of things and to realize how it can be clean and beautiful as a blooming garden. As it takes many forms for each of us and I learn to be at home in this welter of opinions.
       Here I always recall you. You’ve been working even at the same time as you rested on the bench under a parasol. Observation of finches, bees, sway the swing by stretching your hand. That's not loitering how can it seem. The special charm of seemingly everyday things still doesn´t fade out and it conceals many truths for me. The world in a 5th May Street number 448. The home became our world when our subjective view combined the world of science with natural world into something philosophically acceptable and close to us like our garden is, our space with our rules.
At first glance, the shape of itself is dissimilar to the earth and its environment, world, universe, but it doesn´t really have any shape if we think about it in its infinity, that has no borders for us because we can´t reach them in the lifetime. On the second glance, the shape very often hides the basic features of the concept of the world. It spreads forward to us; to the side where is symbolically bounded by the demarcation of the garden; and up by looking at the sky. Only in this third case, the third dimension, from our perspective, the perspective of a creature standing on the ground, it is opened to the infinite and at the same time, it is limited only by our imagination.
We can imagine this as a color spectrum, a rainbow, whose last color is white, symbolizing something that we suspect but not see, we don´t know what it is and where it is, that gradually nothingness, the universe and unanswered question behind it. Inflection of verb „to be“ creates another border, the time, the process, the lifetime defined by „x“ years. And finally it is the unbounded and rash but always present possibility of choice that influences how the future shape will slightly divert from the original plan and our lives will take different directions, touching each other, but we would never see them together again.
Dimension knows no bounds, but five extents are just enough to describe clearly how the world and its structures that always depends on who we are and whence we are looking from. Our perspective is based on certain essence, center & beginning of the world where we feel safe, where our expectations are satisfied, where all things are known to us and we know what to do with them. The place, where we belong more than anywhere else, our home, where the alternation of night and day & the weather are the only uncontrollable and noticeable phenomena.



Time as a wind little by little takes the last leaves from the linden alley in our street with a lot of memories and I feel sorry that I didn’t manage to capture all of them. The image of our world would be then maybe more readable and the empty space that remained after you could be fuller. In fact, there could be a similar answer to all of your questions. These are the things that are nowadays frighteningly important. They are kind of a new religion from which the shape of our future is evolving and that helps us to cope with the things around more easily. Maybe because of that you frequently spoke about them.

no fur  2010


Eva  2013

Body  2012

Sisterly Paramnesia  2011

a collection of photographs and texts about sisterly love, about dreams and memories of events that did not happen but it seems like they did 


Fanzines  2013—now

with Josef Málek
more on www.umco.cz



Solo exhibition
co-author Josef Málek


"Birthday Party"
Komunikační prostor Školská 28, Prague, Czech Republic


A Galerie, Palác Akropolis, Prague, Czech Republic

"+ 420 723 318 939 *" 
Galerie InVitro, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic

Group exhibition


"Anrandungen II"
Galerie nEUROPA, Dresden, Germany

"AiC 2016/2017"
Galerie bratří Špillarů v Domažlicích, Domažlice, Czech Republic

"Fotografia Europea 2017, Time maps. Memory, archives, future" 
Via Secchi 11, Reggio Emilia, Italy

“Recyklace ideologií”
Galerie Emila Filly, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic


"Medium Loci VIII"
Alternativa, OGV, Jihlava, Czech Republic

"Notes on Tomorrow"
Ars et mundus, Kaunas, Lithuania 
Ekserhuset, Kristiansand, Norway
Museu Arte Nova, Aveiro, Portugal

"Prague Zine Festival" 
NG Veletržní palác, Prague, Czech Republic


„New Future”
Galerie Vestředu
Pilsen, Czech Republic

„Festival Kruh”
Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic


„FUD on the road‘‘
Prague, Czech Republic

„Tutti Frutti Festival‘‘
Bratislava, Slovak Republic

"Zines of the Zone"
Fotograf Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

"Pokoje II" 
Cihelná 4, Prague, Czech Republic


„Začarovaný kruh / Pavel Baňka a jeho studenti‘‘
Galerie u Rytíře
Liberec, Czech Republic

„Vi veri veniversum vivus vici‘‘ 
Supermarket WC 
Carlsbad, Czech Republic

„OFF Station‘‘
Pilsen, Czech Republic

„Fotofestival Moravská Třebová‘‘
Moravská Třebová, Czech Republic


„Oheň z vody vykouzliti‘‘
Galerie Jána Šmoka
Jihlava, Czech Republic



AiC heARTbreaker Residency in Česká Bříza (sam83), Czech Republic 
Melodies of Landscape Symposium in Mikulášovice, Czech Republic


Eva Pacalová (1989) graduated from the Faculty of Art and Design of the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic, Bachelor and Master Program in Photography2008–2015. She completed a study stay at the Moholy-Nagy Muvészeti Egyetem in Budapest, Department of Photography, 2014– 2015.

She works primarily in the media of photography, object and multimedia installation based on a combination of traditional photography and seeking new forms. The central theme of her work is handling with personal experiences and transfer its message to viewers.

She has introduced her work at numerous Czech and European exhibition institutions, recently at Školská 28 Gallery and AGalerie in Prague (cooperation with Josef Málek on Artzine project), OGV Alternativa in Jihlava, Museu Arte Nova in Aveiro, Ekserhuset in Kristiansand, Ars et mundus in Kaunas, Tutti Frutti Festival in Bratislava. In 2016, she completed AiC heARTbreaker Residency in Česká Bříza and Melodies of Landscape Symposium in Mikulášovice.

© Eva Pacalová